Shanghai 28 June - 1 July 2017

Mobile Gaming Competition


Mobile Gaming returns once again to MWC Shanghai with the latest and hottest esports. This year we are featuring the Chinese mobile multiplayer mobile game: King of Glory (王者荣耀). King of Glory is a fast paced MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena), where teams of 5 players compete to fight against their enemies in online battles for victory.

Mobile Gaming Competition

MWC Shanghai has invited a number of top professional all-female leagues to play at our 4-day tournament, including popular teams KA Women e-Sports Club, DM King of Glory Women Team and others.

On Saturday, 1 July, attendees will get to see the winning team battle star teams Sicca and ShinyRuo from Douyu. In addition to watching the competition, the audience can get involved in the fun. Visitors can win nearly RMB50,000 in prizes including Apple Watch and Phantom 3 Drone, while cosplay characters including Zhao Yun, Li Bai and Xiao Qiao will also mingle with attendees in the gaming area.

Tournament Schedule

  DAY 1
(Wednesday, 28 June)
(Thursday, 29 June)
(Friday, 30 June)
(Saturday, 1 July)
09:00 – 10:30 Setup (Players can test, tune or debug)
10:30 – 10:45 MC introduce the tournament, the teams and KOLs
10:45 – 12:45 Round A
Jian Mo Shen (贱魔神) & KA Girls Club
Sun Li Ren (孙立人) & LBB Girls
Round C
Sheng You Xia Tian (声优夏天) & Saint Girls Club
Wang Zhe Rong Yao Yi Xiao Gang、(王者荣耀亦小钢、) & Mad Seals Gaming
Round A Winner
Round B Winner
The Final
Xiao Xiao Qing Wa Xiao (小小青蛙笑)
Di Er Shi Yi Chang Dian Ying (第二十一场电影)
Jing Zhe (惊蛰)
2 of the KOLs on Day 1
12:45 – 13:00 Cosplay Show Awards Ceremony
13:45 – 14:00 Cosplay Show
14:00 – 14:15 MC introduce the tournament, the teams and KOLs MC introduce the tournament between The Final Winner and the team of Sicca (西卡) & ShinyRuoの (火焰鼠)
28 June – 30 June
14:15 – 16:15
1 July
14:15 – 16:00
Round B
Xiao Xiao Qing Wa Xiao (小小青蛙笑) & Magic Girls
Di Er Shi Yi Chang Dian Ying (第二十一场电影) & DM Girls
Round D
Xiao QIMBA (小QIMBA) & 169 Girls Club
Jing Zhe (惊蛰) & MS Girls
Round C Winner
Round D Winner
The Final Winner
Team of Sicca (西卡) & ShinyRuoの (火焰鼠)
Jian Mo Shen (贱魔神)
Sun Li Ren (孙立人)
Sheng You Xia Tian (声优夏天)
Wang Zhe Rong Yao Yi Xiao Gang(王者荣耀亦小钢、)
2 of the KOLs on Day 2
16:15 – 16:20 MC introduce the extra tournament and invite visitors to join  
16:20 – 16:50 Extra game with visitors (If any)  

Come see the first of its kind ‘battle of the females’ matches live, and experience the excitement for yourselves!

  • KA Girls Gaming Club
  • Magic Girls
  • DM Girls
  • LBB Girls
  • MS Girls
  • Saint Girls Club
  • 169 Girls Club
  • Mad Seals Gaming

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