26-28 JUNE 2019

26-28 JUNE 2019



Opening Ceremony & Keynote 1: Discover a Better Future

Future Services Provider

Date & Time

Wed, 27 June

09:30 - 11:30


SNIEC, Hall N5, Auditorium A


In the twenty years since its launch, mobile has connected more than two-thirds of the world's population and now contributes over 5% to global GDP. It has revolutionised industries and improves our lives, creating opportunities for reducing inequality through access to finance, education and information. 

The next twenty years offers us the chance for as much, or more, change in line with the UN SDGs. Businesses, governments and civil society must all work together to make sure these changes continue to benefit the citizens and consumers who are, ultimately, the source of corporate and national success. Discover a Better Future at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2018.